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New York City In-Home Detox Program.New York City In-Home Detox Program.

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In Home Detox Treatment in NYC

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If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, you are probably wondering what to do. Entering a traditional detox/rehab program is daunting, expensive and requires putting your work and/or family responsibilities on hold for an extended time.  Now there’s another option.  Rather than leaving home to detox in a sterile medical environment, our physician comes to you. You remain at home while receiving the medications that will allow you to detox from alcohol, opioids or other physically addictive substances safely and effectively.

The Importance of Medical Supervision

Detoxing from drugs or alcohol can cause intense life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are dangerous, overwhelming and unmanageable without help. We provide the assistance you need to get through this challenging time safely. You stay in your home, under the constant care of our physician as well as your family (if you choose).

Dr. Seitz is a triple Board Certified addiction specialist who will not only treat withdrawal symptoms, but also address chronic pain or other medical conditions. He is here for you every step of the way. Addiction is treatable, and we provide you with the tools necessary to leave addiction behind and embrace a new life of sobriety.

Your Privacy is Assured

We all know about the social stigma surrounding addiction.  Many talented people have had their reputation unfairly tarnished when information about their condition is leaked.

We understand that your privacy is important, and pledge that your treatment will be conducted with discretion. With at-home treatment, your business STAYS your business. We come to you in plain clothes – not a white coat – and provide you with comprehensive concierge-style medical services to help you on the road to recovery. Whether you’re concerned about your reputation, experience social anxiety, or simply wish to remain in familiar surroundings, Dr. Seitz will provide you with the treatment you need with discretion and dignity.

Care Designed for You

Medical care can often seem impersonal or formulaic. In an inpatient or hospital setting, you may feel like “just another patient” on a detox “assembly line”  In our opinion, for your detox to be successful over the long-term, you need a plan for sobriety – an individualized treatment approach that addresses your specific needs and desires.

Dr Seitz provides care that is designed specifically for you. Many of those suffering from addictions have underlying psychiatric conditions such as depression or anxiety. Many struggling with opioid addiction, for example, may have initially started using opioids to treat chronic pain. Therefore, for your detox to be truly successful and your sobriety long-lasting, this chronic pain must be addressed. Whatever your needs are, I take these factors into account to customize your medical treatment.

Your Comfort is Key

New and unfamiliar surroundings – like a hospital – can be uncomfortable. That’s why I come to you. You can enjoy the luxuries and creature comforts of home. You dictate your schedule and your needs. I work with you to ensure your detox is as comfortable as possible. If you’d like the support of family and friends, you’re welcome to invite them. If you prefer privacy, you can have that as well. It’s all up to you.

We Have the Expertise You Need

Our medical director, Dr. Seitz, has more than 20 years of clinical experience in both private practice and hospital settings. He is triple board certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine, The American Board of Preventive Medicine and the American Board of Family Medicine.  With his expertise, he will personally meet with you to develop a detox plan that meets you where you are, in the comfort of your home.

As you go through detox (utilizing a custom-designed medication regimen that takes into account your drug use as well as co-existing physical and psychiatric conditions), Dr. Seitz will also help connect you to other addiction professionals who will help you continue on the road to recovery. This may include recovery coaches, psychotherapists, and other healthcare providers. Some are listed on the bottom section of our homepage.  In addition, he can also connect you to community-based support groups.

Experience the Difference

Taking those first steps to recovery can be difficult. You are probably wondering where and how to begin. Let us help. Dr. Seitz is available for a free consultation to see how he can assist you in your journey. Your discretion is assured. He will work with you to develop a treatment protocol that meets you where you are, keeps you comfortable and safe and makes sobriety a reachable goal.  There’s no reason to compromise your privacy or standard of living in order to get the help you need. Enjoy the luxuries and comforts of home while you detox. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

About Our

Chief Medical Director

Dr. David Seitz

Dr. David Seitz, a triple Board Certified Addictions Specialist (ABAM, ABPM, and ABFM) who has more than 20 years providing care to those with chemical dependency. As Medical Director of both the Nyack Hospital Recovery Center and Inter-Care, he developed many of the detoxification protocols being used in treatment facilities across the country. His new passion, however, is to treat patients in the place in which they are most comfortable - their homes - using an individually tailored combination of medications
to accomplish detoxification safely and comfortably.

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