8 Wellness Dimensions for Addiction

8 Wellness Dimensions for Addiction

Know About 8 Dimensions Of Wellness To Recover From Addiction

As they say, it all begins with the first step. An addict to any form of drug or influence can get better and totally stay away from any relapse if he has a strong will to do so.

How Significant is Wellness for Recovering Addicts?

Wellness has been a favorite term used by those who are into fitness and diet-food loving folks. Since childhood, exercise was given a priority, but we have not taken it up so seriously in our growing years. However, if there is anything that will help you to recover from addiction and get you better, then it is through wellness. Evidently though, there are many paths to wellness.

Wellness is going to help you in the long run, and it is the time you decide to make the right choices in your diet, and exercise and overall lifestyle that help you recover.

It is not surprising to come across drug addicts who have tried to fight the temptation but go on a relapse mode. Recovering from the drug addiction is not restricted to full or partial rehab time alone or counseling. In order to revert to a healthier lifestyle, those recovering addicts should go for the eight dimensions of wellness that we shall discuss now.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has listed eight dimensions of wellness that will completely bring in recovery from addiction.

1. Physical:

The physical fitness regime is more than just losing flab and looking good. Brisk walking can be the foremost exercise that sets the pace, and then you increase it slowly by distance or by the minutes, you do it. Enjoying the sights and taking in deep breaths of fresh air is rejuvenating. Increasing the workout levels by adding more workouts in the gym will be great for cardiovascular fitness. Fitness programs at gyms for improving body functions and to look great contribute towards better recuperation. If you are careful of the way, you look at yourself, taking up cross-fit training programs or joining Zumba or other such programs repeatedly can surely alter the way you think about yourself. Addiction often leaves visible signs in the body, and it is necessary to bring your body to its normal and functional ways with these workouts.

2. Emotional:

If your rehab center has offered you, the opportunities to meet up with those who are recovering from addiction, then join these. Emotionally, people might feel at a loss or disgust and a host of negativity all around them. That is why meeting up optimistic supportive groups and seeking emotional support is going to be great. Meeting friends and going on family trips can also help.

3. Spiritual:

A dimension that many might wish to skip, but is as essential as any other is that of the spiritual one. This arm of the wellness program is beyond your daily dose of Yoga in the gym. This is the time when you actually can try to get answers to the questions of existentialism and even purpose in life. A person who is caught in the whirlpool of emotions will need certain answers. Drugs can never be a solution for any problem. Trying to find the real answers by meditation and even going for a spa session and healing will just take things forward.

4. Intellectual:

If a person has just started recovering from addiction and wishes to make a positive approach towards life, he can learn something new. Challenging your sensors to wake up, take control, and focus will help in the long run to stay in fit and alert. Finish your college or university or simply go for a vocational course to give a new meaning to life. (image below credited to SAMSHA).

8 Dimensions of wellness from SAMSA



This dimension is going to benefit physically and mentally. There are thousands of people all around the world who are in need of Join a charitable organization or simply help around your community in small or big ways for that special feeling of contentment. If you are confident of taking up a job abroad or in some new place just so that you can stay away from any relapse, do that!

6. Environmental:

Give a new coat of paint to your room, arrange the room in a way that will be functional and not remind you of the days of addiction. Be gentle with yourself and do not try to force yourself to do many things at a time. Clean up the home, and get down to garden or planting saplings to start tending. Environment plays the best healing agent and so do not think of its healing any less impactful.

7. Financial:

If finances had been a burden in your life to force you to do drugs in the first place, now is the time to focus. Plan and make a list of things to do. At the same time, also remember that you do not have a solution to sort perhaps all of your finances. However still, you can do more than you can ever think of. So, take up a job, be busy, and keep your mind only on your goal. Set small goals and achieve them. Do not forget to reward yourself for every small achievement. Be the first admirer of yourself!

8. Social:

Lastly, the most important dimension or element that you must definitely take care of while recovering is the social aspect. Make the right choices of parties to attend, or the water holes to avoid. Furthermore, how well you avoid peer pressure plays a significant role Can you try to meet new people? Are they helping you recover? Many times, people from the old addiction days might come up. Try to take these as occasions when your patience and self-control are tested.

Making these choices in wellness is a great way to go ahead miles away from relapse. You have to start living your life as if you have never done before! If you know someone struggling with addiction and ready to detox off alcohol and/or drugs, don’t hesitate to refer them to Dr. Seitz at Home Detox NY.  Feel free to reach our previous blog about the importance of supporting loved ones with addiction.

8 Dimensions of wellness Alcohol and Drug Detox NYC

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